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vegan recipes – quick and easy

Are you looking for easy, quick and vegan recipes? On VEGANE VIBES I offer you a comprehensive selection of vegan and partly gluten-free dishes, ranging from vegan cakes to complete vegan menus. Vegan nutrition is becoming more and more popular and many people decide to give up animal products for health and ethical reasons. At the same time, vegan cuisine offers an incredible number of possibilities and the preparation is easier than you might think.

100% plant based = 100% sexy

VEGANE VIBES stands for simple, fast and delicious dishes that are simply fun. No matter what you are looking for and what your preferences are, vegan cuisine has something to offer for everyone. Starting with a delicious vegan breakfast or brunch that will satisfy both (former) meat lovers and sweet tooths. Maybe today it may be a smoothie or a raw snack in between?

Here is a small overview, which recipes you can find on VEGANE VIBES::

I always attach particular importance to the fact that the dishes are presented simply and clearly and can be made with simple methods. After all, we do not want to win a Michelin star, but have fun in the kitchen and prepare something delicious and healthy.

Does it always have to be vegan?

I leave that up to everyone, however, I myself am a convinced PLANT BASED FOODIE and love to eat vegan. It just speaks so much for it and also makes it incredibly much fun. With one or the other is certainly the one or other piece of cheese allowed and that is also perfectly ok! Nevertheless, I invite you to try my plant-based milks, such as my almond milk or oat milk.

You think vegan and gluten-free baking is hard? Wrong! With a few simple methods, tips and tricks, you can make vegan cakes and raw snacks in no time. I’m thinking of vegan gluten-free pancakes right now (so yummy!).

easily integrate vegan dishes into your everyday life

Again and again I hear voices that claim they don’t have enough time to eat healthy. That may be, but I believe that planning is the key to success in this case. On Sunday there is always time to prepare a few basics and cook a large amount of rice and quinoa for the week. That way you’ll have it almost in the bag and the simple fried rice and many other dishes will be ready in no time. Vegan muffins that are ready in a flash? No problem, it’s all a matter of organization.

✓ Quick and easy preparation
✓ Vegan, i.e. without animal products.
✓ Varied and healthy.

In my six different recipe categories you’ll find everything you need and need to know.

There’s even a HOW-TO category where I explain simple basics, like how to make dressings and pizza dough, to vegan cheese and egg substitutes.

What are the benefits of a vegan, gluten-free diet?

First of all, it is important to distinguish between my personal opinion and scientifically recognized facts.

Personally, I find that I feel a lot fitter, healthier and balanced since I started eating a plant-based diet. The thing I miss the least is the heavy feeling in my stomach after a filling portion of cheese and meat (also called “food coma”).

Scientifically, a vegan diet can prevent many diseases, including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. There are also studies that clearly show that plant-based protein keeps you full much longer than animal-based protein, which can prevent “overeating.” *

Vegan life, that means to do without nothing and to enjoy life to the fullest. Look forward to your new self with many Clean Eating recipes without the use of animal products such as milk, egg or cheese. Your health will thank you and so will your loved ones.

With veganistic greetings,

*The Wicked Healthy Cookbook, Chad Sarno; Derek Sarno; David Joachim (2018)