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Caroline Pritschet - Veganevibes


Caroline Pritschet
Vegan nutritionist
Food blogger
Vegan since 2015

Hello and welcome to my blog! Do you want to get to know me a little better? yes?

Then I wish you a lot of fun reading these interviews. 15 questions, 15 personal answers.

1. How did you come to food blogging? How did you learn to cook?

The decisive factor was a business trip to San Diego, where we were accommodated in a „green“ meeting complex and cooked vegan. I had a lot of energy all week, no midday lows and the jet lag wasn’t that wild either. The chef alerted me to the benefits of a plant-based diet and I was immediately in love. Not in the cook, but in vegan food. That didn’t let me go and I wanted to bring my newfound passion to the world through my blog.

I used to learn to cook with Mum in the kitchen. She has always cooked very healthy and fresh and I took it from her. Although I never did a professional education, I have always liked to be creative in the kitchen.

2. What did you do before your food blogger existence?

Actually, I am a graduate businesswoman, was for years an entrepreneur and in leading positions in the cosmetics industry. After many years of constant stress, poor food and little sleep, a change had to be made. I got out of the hamster wheel, started with yoga and meditation and brought more balance back into my life. Then came the idea to start a vegan food blog.

3. How has your attitude to veganism changed in recent years?

Initially, I only saw the benefits for my own body and health. Over time, I have increasingly understood how exploitative the system of mass animal husbandry is and how bad it is for the billions of animals that are fattened and killed every year. For the cheap schnitzel on the plate, countless pigs stand in unworthy conditions in fattening sheds. The rainforest is cleared for soybean feed, valuable reserve antibiotics are used and manure and climate-damaging methane are produced without end. Finally, we are all paying a very high price for this sick system. For those who are interested in the topic, I have listed some very interesting docs below.

4. Do you have a chef/food blogger who inspires you?

Derek Sarno of Wicked Kitchen, an incredibly talented chef! I hope he does a BBQ with me.

5. Who would you like to cook with?

With Gaz Oakley from Avantgardevegan.

6. What would never be on your table?

Everything cooked with glutamate

7. Do you have an emergency prescription? What ingredients can always be found in your kitchen?

My emergency recipe is spaghetti carbonara,which is made super fast. Instead of bacon cubes I use smoked tofu and cream is replaced by cashews, which I make in a high-performance blender at lightning speed. In my kitchen you always find mushrooms, because I love them in all variations. I recently discovered an online mushroom trade that sends fresh organic mushrooms and also offers somewhat more unusual specimens. It may sound a bit strange, but when I order mushrooms, It can happen that I give a little cry of joy from me. Otherwise I have many different pasta varieties at home, a wide selection of legumes, nut butter and always fresh fruits and vegetables.

8. What ingredient could you not do without?

Tamari in all variations, the more fancy the better. I just season “almost” everything with Tamari.

9. In which country/city do you feel most comfortable with culinary delights and why?

In Bali, I haven’t ever spotted so many stunning vegan restaurants in one spot. Berlin is also an absolute highlight, on my Instagram account I have two Berlin Stories with the best food tips.

10. What else do you like to do besides cooking?

I love going with my husband and our two huskies in nature. Yoga, ski touring or Functional Fitness, I am for everything to have.

11. What was the coolest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. At that time there was no exchange program at my university, so I organized myself a semester at Hawaii Pacific University. The money was scarce and I had to take a holiday semester to get the money together with two jobs. In the end my dream came true, I learned to surf and was allowed to spend 6 months on Oahu.

12. What do few people know about you?

That I trained as a beautician after my studies. At that time my father had to work as a model for the massages and facials.

13. Do you have a life or cooking motto?

Be the Change and don’t wait for others.

14. What else do you want to achieve with your blog or kitchen?

Honestly, with my blog, I want to encourage as many people as possible to incorporate more plant-based dishes into their diets. But maybe I also want to prove that tofu can taste delicious. What is certain is that the first 400 recipes on my blog were just the beginning.
Currently I am in the last stages in my training as a vegan nutrition consultant. In the future, I will also incorporate more and more knowledge from this area into my blog.

15. What do you wish for the future?

My greatest wish is that people learn to understand that every living being has a right to life in satisfaction. There is no difference between a dog, a pig or a cat. They are all animals that are endowed with the ability to feel friends and also suffering and pain. We humans do not need a schnitzel or a glass of milk in order to be able to live healthy lives. Exactly the opposite is the case – let’s make the world a better place!

The best vegan docs: