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Make beet hummus yourself

The classic redefined with delicious, earthy beetroot and a touch of dill

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make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make

Whoof you likes Beet ? I have made the experience that many first seek the distance when they see the red tuber. So the question arises, why is that? I like beet really like because it is so versatile and colors everything nice and pink. That’s why I’m adding them to the hummus today, so it doesn’t look so boring anymore. Maybe you can convince the toughest opponents of the tuber in this way? At least try it once, please!

Beet in hummus?

make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make
make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make

For the Hummus we need the classic ingredients, Chickpeas , tahini, lemon juice, some lemon zest, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and olive oil. The Red beet is first roasted in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. When it’s nice and soft, then it can all go into the blender together. The only question left is the side dishes. Here I stand especially in winter on a good sourdough bread. Otherwise, any kind of raw vegetables are also particularly suitable, especially Carrots or cucumber sticks. Yummy!

What is the best way to roast beet?

make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make
make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make

Best done in the oven with a little olive oil. I always roast a few more beets right away to make the effort worthwhile.

Here’s how:

  • Wash or brush beet once and remove coarse dirt from it
  • Cut off leaves and lower tips
  • Cut large beets in the middle again
  • Rub with a little olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste on top
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees, place beet in a heatproof roasting pan and cover
  • If you don’t have a roaster, wrap the tubers in aluminum foil (I know this isn’t the most environmentally friendly method, but it’s the quickest way to get them through) and place on a baking sheet
  • Put in the oven and bake for 50-60 minutes
  • Pierce once with a fork and test whether the beets are already soft
  • When ready, remove from oven and allow to cool

You can use the rest of the beets for a wonderful Salad use. Simply place in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

If you want to use ready cooked beet, feel free to do so. This also works, but the cooking does not produce such nice roasted flavors.

Do I need a blender to make it?

make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make

I use here my Magi Mix(advertising since brand name, but bought myself), because it can process everything really well without the addition of liquid. When using high-powered blenders, you often need a little more liquid to make them work really well.

Oh yes, here’s a little tip for refining. Dill. The herb just goes wonderfully with the earthy vegetables.

Are you ready for this delicious, healthy hummus? Then I look forward to a review at the bottom of this page. If you post a picture, feel free to use the hashtag #veganevibes.

make beet hummus yourself - HOW to make

HOW TO MAKE beet hummus yourself

A versatile, oriental-inspired dip with a pleasant, earthy note from beetroot. Perfect as an appetizer, side dish to a bowl or just as a snack.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Course How-to
Cuisine german
Calories 1586


1 Glass (a250ml)
  • One medium beet roasted in the oven
  • 425 g Chickpeas cooked or a glass
  • 60 ml Lemon juice
  • 3 Piece Garlic cloves pressed, alternatively use 1.5 tsp garlic granules
  • 80 g Tahini
  • 45 ml Olive oil
  • Some fresh dill or ½ tsp dried
  • Salt to taste
  • Optional: ½ freshly grated lemon zest or dried
  • 30 ml Optional. Apple juice Provides a fruity note


  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
    rote Beete Hummus selber machen - HOW to make
  • Roast beet in oven according to instructions above in text and let cool.
    One medium beet
    rote Beete Hummus selber machen - HOW to make
  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until uniform in size.
    One medium beet, 425 g Chickpeas cooked, 60 ml Lemon juice, 3 Piece Garlic cloves, 80 g Tahini, 45 ml Olive oil, Some fresh dill or ½ tsp dried, Salt to taste, Optional: ½ freshly grated lemon zest or dried, 30 ml Optional. Apple juice
  • Taste and season if necessary.
  • ALTERNATIVE (without blender): Press beet through a hair sieve (with a spoon).
  • Pour into an airtight jar and store in the refrigerator, or use and enjoy immediately!



Serving: 250mlCalories: 1586kcalCarbohydrates: 138gProtein: 52gFat: 98gSaturated Fat: 13gSodium: 60mgPotassium: 1665mgFiber: 36gSugar: 22gVitamin A: 170IUVitamin C: 33,1mgCalcium: 321mgIron: 16,1mg

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