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5 Superfoods for better sleep

Better sleep thanks to vegan superfoods

5 Superfoods for better sleep

Do you know the feeling? Actually you are tired, but As soon as you lie in bed, the thoughts start to make themselves independent. You toss and turn, and when you finally fall asleep, you’re awake in the middle of the night. You are not alone, because up to 50% of the adults in Germany have to deal with sleep problems. fight

At the same time, it’s not only incredibly frustrating to toss and turn in bed. Lack of sleep can lead to increased stress and health problems in the long run. An estimated 1.7 million Germans are already addicted to medication, and most of them take sleeping pills, which often have enormous side effects.

So before you go hogging the medicine cabinet, just try these gentle yet effective Superfoods . Some of them you certainly have in your kitchen, others you will first get to know. They all have one thing in common: they can improve your sleep quality without any side effects.

Pumpkin seeds

Don’t throw away the seeds the next time you make vegan pumpkin soup from Hokkaido pumpkins (of course, this also works with the seeds from the organic supermarket). Toasted in a pan (without oil), they make a wonderful snack. Already 50g of the superfood contain about 200mg magnesium, which corresponds to the daily requirement of an adult.

Perfect, then, after a workout, so that your muscles relax – and the ideal condition for a deep, firm Sleep.

Here is my favorite brand from which I get my pumpkin seeds (no advertising, bought myself and found to be good)

Raw cocoa

The superfood is ideal for lulling you to sleep. why? Responsible for the relaxing effect is the contained tryptophan. The essential amino acid stabilizes serotonin levels and a deficiency of this hormone can lead to sleep disorders. Raw cacao in combination with almond milk is even a real sleep booster, because also in raw almonds also contains tryptophan.

Try a raw brownie bite before you go to sleep

Ashwanghanda (bot. Withania somnifeira)

Ahwa.. What? The name of this root, which is mainly used in Ayurvedic medicine has its place, can give you quite a headache. make The adaptogen has proven particularly effective in supporting the nervous system during Calm anxiety and sleep problems. Ashwanghanda can positively affect the endocrine system of the body and, for example, cause a Improve hypothyroidism.

Here my favorite product

Schisandra (bot. Schisandra chinensis)

Schisandra berries, or also affectionately the “berries with called the 5 tastes”, are really something special. Latest when you put a whole berry in your mouth, you know what is meant. The Peel is sweet, sour and somewhat salty and the seeds somewhat bitter and very intense. Even if the adaptogen is known more for the calming effect, it has a double effect on the nervous system.

Besides the anxiety-relieving and calming properties, it also strengthens reflexes and concentration.

Why not try this wonderful “fall asleep nectar”:
(makes about 16 servings)


  1. Place schisandra and ashwangandha in a canning jar. Ball egg jars are highly recommended because they seal particularly well and airtight
  2. Gently heat coconut flower syrup in a water bath (not above 42 degrees, use a thermometer if in doubt) until it has become a little more liquid. Stir in powder until everything is well combined.
  3. Carefully pour the syrup into the canning jar, allow to cool and seal.

Application: The nectar can be enjoyed wonderfully in a cup of herbal tea, together with a banana or simply pure.


Last but not least the good old Banana . Do you like Banana? Definitely and preferably for problems falling asleep. The high potassium content can even prevent calf cramps at night. The magnesium contained helps your muscles to relax better and ensures a better sleep. Pure, in a smoothie or as banana chips, the variations are versatile.

I hope that I can help you with my tips a little bit. could help and wish you a dreamy and restful sleep! With superfoodistic greetings

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