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Carob (bot. Ceratonia Siliqua) Carob or also called Caroben is a Superfood which is not yet really known in our country. However, more and more people are interested in the exotic alternative to Cocoa . That’s why I set out to find the facts for you. What is Carob powder? Carobes are the legumes of […]

Carob (bot. Ceratonia Siliqua)

Carob (bot. Ceratonia Siliqua)

Carob or also called Caroben is a Superfood which is not yet really known in our country. However, more and more people are interested in the exotic alternative to Cocoa . That’s why I set out to find the facts for you.

What is Carob powder?

Carobes are the legumes of the carob tree, or bot. Ceratonia siliqua, which thrives mainly around the Mediterranean Sea. The Name comes from a story about John the Baptist, since he is said to be in the desert is said to have fed on carob. The harvest takes place between August and October takes place. In the process, the pods are knocked off the trees and Locals also like to eat fresh once. Generally there is the pod fresh, dried or as a syrup (also called caftan). As a Back Fan you know perhaps the carob bean gum, which is obtained from the seeds will. Locust bean gum is a wonderful binding and thickening agent and conveniently gluten-free.

Why is Carob healthy?

Carob powder in raw food quality contains high amount of digestive fiber and proteins, vitamins and Minerals. These include especially vitamins A, B, calcium and iron. In the Naturopathy it is often used for diarrhea or even constipation as a digestive regulator . One ingredient is said to have a particularly positive effect on the cardiovascular system: Antioxidant polyphenols. Studies have shown that carob powder when consumed regularly helps lose weight can help by stimulating the burning of fat. A powder that will give you much Provides energy with a relatively small amount of calories. In addition, that, unlike coffee, it does not contain stimulating substances.

Organic Carob or cocoa?

Raw food grade carob powder is relatively similar to raw cacao powder, but slightly less bitter and milder in the Taste. Thus, you can replace cocoa in any recipe 1:1 with carob powder. However, carob tastes somewhat sweeter due to its high fructose content. Just give it a try and give your dishes a new, healthy Kick. Particularly suitable are sweet foods such as brownies, cakes, ice cream or Drinks.

Carob (bot. Ceratonia Siliqua)

Nutrition table carob per 100g

Energy 222kcal
Fat 0,7g
thereof saturated 0,1g
Carbohydrates 89g
thereof sugar 49g
Dietary fiber 40g
Protein 4,6g
Iron 2,9g
Salt 35g
Calcium 3.4mg
Magnesium 0,5mg



Which health benefits has carob?

Carob Contains antioxidants

Carob powder contains besides calcium and fiber particularly valuable antioxidants, the so-called polyphenols.
The power antioxidants have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, dilate blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation. Already many Studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke can be reduced. Diabetes can also benefit from regular consumption have a positive effect. The antioxidants it contains are also important, to protect your skin from free radicals and premature skin aging prevent.

Carob Contains many vitamins

Of course, the mysterious powder of carob is Beans also full of vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B6. Vitamin A is essential for vision and beautiful skin. Our body needs vitamin B2 or riboflavin to release the energy contained in food. Vitamin B6 is also important, which we need for the turnover of amino acids derived from proteins. The more protein we consume, the higher our need for the vitamin. However, to preserve these vitamins, you should use the powder raw and not heat it too much. Heat can quickly destroy the sensitive nutrients.

Carob contains valuable iron

Iron is responsible for cellular respiration and the Blood pigment hemoglobin. Therefore, this trace element is one of the most esential of our body. In addition, the substance is important for oxygen transport in the organism and the energy supply in the cells. Reason enough to make a to take a closer look at the iron values of Carob. A whopping 2.9 milligrams of iron per 100g is provided by carob (7.9 mg for raw cacao for comparison). Iron-containing foods should always be consumed in combination with vitamin C. take to increase the uptake and effect. Parsley, paprika or Sea buckthorn, for example, are valuable sources of vitamin C.

Carob Products?

Carob powder has in contrast to Cocoa a rather sweetish taste and is therefore suitable for a whole range of delicious vegan dishes . Examples are organic carob cookies, carob cakes, carob bars or carob pudding. Not in the mood for hot cocoa? Then you can easily make yourself a carob cocoa. One tablespoon of it in a large coffee cup, mix with hot vegetable milk and sweeten as needed. Super Yummy!

Carob powder buy

The Superfood can be bought in many different forms and qualities. I look for organic and fair trade quality when buying powder cocoa nibs and cocoa butter. It is always worthwhile to pay attention to controlled organic quality.

Carob Buy chocolate

Especially for allergy sufferers is very suitable Chocolate made from organic carob. You can also find these in well sorted Organic supermarkets or on the Internet. Here, too, you should use organic cultivation of the ingredients.




  • is a slightly sweeter alternative to cocoa
  • contains many important vitamins, especially vitamin A, B2 and B6
  • Provides antioxidants that can protect against skin aging
  • Contains a lot of valuable iron

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